An aerial farm sprouts in Manhattan at Essex Crossing


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Something’s taking root on a Manhattan terrace — namely, carrots, turnips, radishes and all kinds of leafy greens.

The garden with a view is the latest addition to Essex Crossing, the $1 billion mega-development project that will eventually cover nine city blocks around the intersection of Delancey and Essex Sts.

The airy green space is perched atop the 6th floor deck of The Essex, one of the nine developments that will populate the Lower East Side when the project is finished in 2020.

The quarter-acre plot ― already resplendent with organic arugula and kale, and soon to welcome tat-soi and bok choy — is being farmed by Project Eats, which runs a network of 10 urban farms around the city with an eye toward feeding and involving surrounding communities.

Although not very large, the Essex Crossing’s farm is the second biggest in Manhattan, second only to another green garden on Randall’s Island. Essex Crossing’s first ready-to-eat crop — arugula —will go on sale this Saturday at its farm stand in Essex Crossing Park.

Katie Archer, director of Community Relations for Delancey Street Associates, a conglomerate of developers building Essex Crossing, said a big goal of the garden is to connect with seniors and local youth groups.