Week of July 10th-15th

Site 1 (242 Broome Street)
Site 1 will have no street work for the next week. Fit out work for the interior of the residential building from the 3rd floor through the 11th floor is on-going. Work will occur on Saturday, July 15th.

Site 2 (115 Delancey Street)
Site 2's progress will include exterior wall panel delivery and installation throughout the week. Superstructure concrete will continue for the next few months. Concrete pours will be scheduled throughout the week as needed and may occur into the evening hours as permitted. Interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing fit out will continue on the lower floors and cellar. Tower Crane #2 removal will begin on Monday, July 10th and complete by Tuesday or Wednesday. Work will continue on Saturday, July 15th.

Site 5 (145 Clinton Street)
The upcoming week's work at Site 5 includes façade storefront and glass installation at Broome Street, residential lobby, and Clinton street; rebar, formwork, and concrete work on Broome Street park and 3rd floor terrace; perimeter wall finish framing, insulation, hydronic piping, PTAC sleeve and coil installation. Final sheet rocking is ongoing from 3rd - 15th floors. Cabinetry installation continues on 8-10th floors. Window installation is ongoing. Façade metal panel installation is ongoing on 9th-10th floors, as well as scaffold removal from the 11th floor down. ConEd interconnection work will begin, as well as gas service connections in street. Verizon connections to be complete to street. Elevator installation work continues for freight, service, and passenger elevators. General construction work will occur on Saturday, July 15th from 9am to 5pm.

Site 6 (175 Delancey Street)
The coming week's activity at Site 6 includes storefront installation at the 1st floor. Interior framing, drywall, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues from the cellar to the 14th floor. Window installation will be ongoing at 5th-14th floors of Broome Street elevation. Roofing and miscellaneous metal work will continue on the 4th and 5th floor terraces. Con Ed will be working at the electrical vaults on Broome Street. Sewer and water connections on Broome Street will occur on Saturday,July 15.